Oil Pulling is a simple, inexpensive method to improve your health

The Health Benefits Of Oil Pulling

It sounds very simple and it is actually simple to do. Not only is oil pulling simple, it is also very powerful. Oil pulling provides many different types of health benefits.

Toxic substances stimulate the immune system to go into action. These substances can range from foreign chemicals to bacteria, viruses, fungi, or parasites.

The immune system's response to toxins generates free radicals which create inflammation throughout the body. A healthy body can clear this information in a short period of time. However, our day-to-day food, lifestyle, and environmental milieu hammers on our bodies. These assaults erode the efficiency of the body's anti-inflammatory mechanisms. Thus, inflammation builds up in various parts of the body leading to a degeneration of health and vigor.

Oil pulling is a traditional Indian folk remedy for strengthening teeth, gums, and jaws. It helps to prevent tooth decay, bad breath, bleeding gums, dryness of the throat, and cracked lips. It is also used to reduce enamel ware.

Detox is one of the surprising benefits of oil pulling that many people are not aware of. It is very effective at removing toxins from the body when performed on a regular basis. 

The Step By Step Guide To Oil Pulling

The procedure is simple, inexpensive, and uses readily available ingredients. First thing in the morning (and before meals, on an empty stomach), oil is squished around in the mouth for at least 30 seconds up to as you would like, then spit out. That is all there is to it. No fancy equipment or complicated techniques are required.

The best time of the day to perform oil pulling is in the morning before you have had anything to eat or drink. You will then take one tablespoon full of the oil that you have chosen to swish with. Children can also do oil pulling by using a reduced amount of oil and under the supervision of an adult so that they do not accidentally swallow the oil.

You will then begin to swish the oil around in your mouth. Move it around as if it were mouthwash, but avoid gargling or tilting your head back. The oil will become diluted as saliva begins to mix in. If the muscles in your face become sore during the process, you are putting too much effort into the oil pulling. It is supposed to be a relaxing way to get some health benefits for your body.

After you have completed your oil pulling session, you will then need to rinse your mouth with warm salt water. You can use regular table salt for the rinse. The number of times a week you choose to oil pull is up to you. Many people complete the process once a week; others complete the process several times a week.

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